Most frequent questions and answers

Our general working time is 15 working days for longer projects. For shorter videos, we need to check our schedule first and get back with the confirmed date of delivery.

You may upload it on a cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and others then send us the download link.

We can also give you an access to a Google Shared Drive where you can directly upload your files and footage to our server.

Our products are quality controlled and supervised by a German editor, who studied media and is running a video production in Germany, to ensure the consistent production of high-quality videos.

Every video is different and has different project requirements and style. Our pricing is always based in the length of working time needed for the video. We need to see the raw materials first, know the final length video, and see the sample editing style. Once we have those, that is the time we can provide an accurate quotation.