Music plays a big role in filmmaking or video content creation. The sound, when paired with the visuals, captures the attention of the audience and makes them more engaged with your video.

Most of us would want a music that would intensify or highlight the emotion we want to convey. Unfortunately, finding the right music to use on our videos is crucial and can be expensive.

We tracked down the websites that offer royalty free music ranging from basic, no cost copyright free music to paid subscription services.

Let’s head on to the list and explore the websites that offer royalty free music for videos.


10 Best Sites to Download Free Stock Music


1. Bensound

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Bensound.com was created by Benjamin TISSOT, known as Bensound. He’s a composer and musician based in France with 10 years of experience in creating music.

Bensound provides free stock music for personal use as well as for commercial use, although they require attribution to their website.

You can also have the option to buy a license so there is no need for you to credit him. You can listen to the tracks online or download them directly without registration.


2. Purple Planet

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Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn are the people behind Purple Planet. You can use their audio clips for personal and commercial projects as long as you give them proper credit which is indicated on their website. Their music is categorized as upbeat, active, horror backgrounds, mysterious backgrounds and such which aid people for easy browsing.


3. Youtube Audio Library

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YouTube Audio Library offers an impressive and wide range of royalty free music to use for any production for free.

The tracks are under CC0 license or CC3 license where attribution to the artist is required. Music tracks and sound effects can be searched and filtered by genre, instrument, mood, duration, and attribution.


4. Free Music Archive

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Free Music Archive is directed by WFMU which is a renowned freeform radio station in America. Majority of their audio clips are under Creative Commons License, making them available for free of cost.

There are different types of Creative Commons License which are discussed on their website to help you identify if the music you intend to download is suitable for your project. Donating to the artist via PayPal is recommended but not required.


5. Freeplay Music

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Freeplay Music offers a wide variety of high-quality music that people can use from personal web use to major network television broadcasts and major feature films. In 2013, all tracks in Freeplay Music library is free for YouTube personal use.

Audio clips are also free of use for educational purposes as long as the project does not generate revenue and is not broadcast outside the classroom or off-campus. There are different types of licenses available and you can check it on their website.


6. Musopen

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Musopen is a non-profit site based in San Francisco, CA founded in 2012. Music tracks can be browsed by composer, performer, instrument, period, and form. The site provides sheet music, recordings, and textbooks.

Their tracks are licensed under Creative Commons. Tracks under the public domain can be used for commercial projects.


7. Audionautix

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Jason Shaw is the person behind Audionautix. Music in Audionautix is filtered in Genres, Mood and Tempo. All music in this library is licensed under Creative Commons License 3.0 which means you can use them for free either in personal or commercial as long as you give credit to their website.

Donating to Jason is recommended but not required. You can preview the clip by clicking it and if you liked it, you can right click on the clip and select ‘Save Link As’ to save it to your desktop.


8. Machinima Sound

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Jens and Per Kiilstofte started Machinima Sound around 2008-2009. In late 2016, they came up with a mission which is to provide royalty free music and sound of the highest quality in the simplest way. All their music is released under CC-BY-NC-ND license.

You can use their music for free for non-commercial and non-derivative purposes. You need to buy a “Project” license first before you can use their music commercially for an unlimited amount of projects in any media.


9. Musicbed

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Musicbed is a Texas-based music licensing company that features mostly independent composers, musicians, and bands. They offer a wide variety of royalty free music you can use. The music tracks that they offer are not free.

There’s a specific license that you need to buy intended for the purpose of your project. You can also sign up for their membership to get unlimited access to hundreds of music tracks you can use for any kind of project.


10. Free Stock Music

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True to its name, Free Stock Music offers audio clips without charging you a dime. Their website freely and legally gives people unlimited use of their music in all types of productions for worldwide distribution.

They don’t require attribution and they update their library on a daily basis. Audio clips are available in MP3, WAV, and AIFF formats.




There are plenty of websites that offer royalty free music which can be used for different types of projects.

Now that you know which websites to look for, you can now start digging and look for music tracks that would enhance your video.

Give us a comment below on how your project went after using music tracks from these websites.


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